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Red Flags Warning You That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Furnace red flags

Few services are as crucial for your home as furnace installation and repair because you need reliable and consistent heat in your home for even mildly cold days. The problem is that few homeowners schedule heating maintenance and then take a gamble with the current condition of their furnaces. Even worse, without being able to recognize the signs of distress with a furnace, it's easy to miss out on early detection.

You don't have to be an HVAC industry specialist to notice warning indicators that your furnace may need some professional care. Learn more about what to watch for and plan to call your heating and cooling company the moment something seems amiss.

Be Alert & Be Aware

It's essential that you make sure you're treating your vital HVAC system with the same level of care you would use for the rest of your home's systems. Be as astute about noticing if something seems wrong with your furnace as you would when watching for your electrical needs.

Some of the warning signs can be easily missed, but not if you're on the lookout for them:

  • Higher energy bills - It's easy to assume your bills are just getting more expensive, but that unexplained spike in your monthly heating costs could be a cry for help and not just a symptom of inflation.
  • Unusual noises - Any change in your heating system should be checked out, but homeowners make the mistake of learning to live with new noises instead of calling for furnace service. Buzzing, banging, popping, or any new sound should be diagnosed.
  • Odd Smells - Just like strange sounds, don't dismiss any new smells coming from your furnace, especially a burning odor. Don't let your furnace become a fire hazard.
  • Frequent cycling - You'll notice if your furnace is cycling more, and while it may be normal for an uptick during the coldest temperatures, have it checked out if it's an ongoing thing.
    Pilot light color - If your pilot light is burning any color but blue, it's time to call in a professional. It doesn't always mean there's a serious problem, but it's crucial to play it safe when it comes to your furnace.

Calling On The Local Pros

MKM Mechanical LTD has earned an impeccable reputation as London's most reliable heating contractor. We're the go-to team for heating and cooling repairs. We promise to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Give us a call when you need furnace installation and repair or any of the other important services we offer.

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